What better credentials can a designer offer you than happy clientelle!

Please take a moment to read what other small businesses have to say about my work...

—Madeline Agius

"The best thing about developing our website was Madeline Agius. Her creativity, responsiveness and patience enabled us to end up with a product we are really happy with. She came up with things we could not have envisioned on our own, and is extremely affordable. We will definitely use her again as we expand and update our content."
— Cheryl Hill, Hill Design Services, www.hilldesignservices.com

"I love it!! You really captured my thoughts!! I can't believe it. It is exciting to see it on the screen... Thanks so much."
—N. Redpath (Sausalito, CA)

...We went to Kinkos over the holiday weekend and printed up a batch of postcards and they look great. We enjoy working with you too as you make the process very easy, fast, and the results are great... I'm sure we'll be in need of graphic design on an ongoing basis, so we're happy we've found you. I'll contact you for the next project for sure."
—S. Merigold (Piedmont, CA)

"Thanks, Madeline. I think (the website design) looks great. I am very pleased. Thanks for all the good work!"
—A. Tikku (San Jose, CA)

"I looked at the changes to the website, it looks great. Everyone who sees it comments on how great the site is."
—Mary Giuffrida, Trainer, Positive Methods Dog Training

                                               Client Satisfaction.