See what sets me apart in the world of web and print design...

Mission Statement
East Bay Designs caters its services to your design needs, hoping always to exceed your expectations in order to develop and maintain longterm design relationships.

The 4 C's of Good Designing:

» Clarity
» Consistencey
» Conciseness
» Cost Effectiveness
East Bay Designs not only designs websites, but can set up your web hosting, submit your site to major search engines like Google and Yahoo, and even set-up your laptop e-mail! I provide you with as little or as much service as you need for your site.

My print design philosophy is much the same. I can design your item and just hand over the finished files so you can take them to your favorite printer, or I can handle the whole process for you. Just let me know what works for you!

Design Tidbits
Remember the Dot-coms? So do I — and not because I lost a fortune on unvested stock options, but because for some of us, making graphics all day long is fun. Click the link below to see more of my web graphic work.