The following are a few basic pricing items. Custom packages are available! Please feel free to call or send questions via the Contact page.

Social Media Graphics
* optimized per app

Basic Portfolio/Marketing Site
* Site Design & all Graphics
* 4 HTML Pages
* Remote E-mail set-up
* Submission to Google

Existing Page Updates

One hour minimum

New Page Creation

One hour minimum

Custom Graphics Only
One hour minimum

Original Logo Design
Includes press-ready 300 dpi files as well as web-ready logo. 7 iterations included in design fee.

All pricing reflects average scope of work.

Web Services we offer:

» Web site design
» Webhosting set-up
» Search engine optimization
» Search engine submission
» Site re-design or update

Basic Design Fee
A Basic Design Fee of $299 is required to begin your site. This fee is for the overall look of your site including the design and creation of the Home page (all pages coded in HTML). The Basic Design Fee must be received before work can begin on your site. At East Bay Designs I work exclusively, one web site at a time, in order to create high quality designs as expeditiously as possible. The Basic Design Fee does not include additional web pages. (See Additional Pages).

Additional Pages
Additional pages may be added at $70 per page, after the initial $299 Basic Design Fee. The Additional Page balance is required when the site is ready to publish.

Invoices are payable by credit card (through Paypal). Payments are an agreement between the client and East Bay Designs/Madeline Agius. Payments are non-refundable; a dialogue is always open during the design process to meet your needs and guarantee your satisfaction. A designer is only as good as their portfolio and reputation, so I always want you to be pleased.

You, the Client, will be required to supply the web site content (text, personal/product photos, etc.). Please do not copy content from another web site. Copying/pasting text is plagiarism, which apart from being illegal, is unprofessional.

Project Schedule
Before the Basic Design Fee is due, the project timeframe and its due dates are discussed and agreed upon with you. As mentioned above, East Bay Designs works exclusively, one web site at a time, in order to create high quality designs as expeditiously as possible.

Refunds are not available as all payments made are compensation for actual hours spent creating your website. I make every effort to keep the lines of communication open and incorporate all of your feedback into the project. Although unforeseen circumstances may happen on your end - hours spent designing and custom tailoring your website must still be compensated.

Unless you choose to do so yourself, East Bay Designs will publish your web site to the Internet. Once you sign up for web hosting you must supply us with the login information they send you in order to upload your site. You may change your Webhosting login information after your site is uploaded, but if you decide you want us to change or add pages in the future, you will need to re-supply that information.

Site Completion
Once your site is published on-line, you will be given 2 weeks to have any small changes made to your website, free of charge. Additional pages may still be added for $70 each. Once the 2 week period is over after publication, hourly charges will apply. See "Change Orders."

Change Orders
To change a page (after the initial 2 week window), the charge is $39 per hour (one hour min.), to make the necessary changes to your site. Adding a page is not considered a change, and post-publishing fees will be charged accordingly (see Fees at upper left).

Thank you for taking a moment to read this whole page! —M.S.